Collaboration with SecurePro Japan - 26 May 2017

Rock Pte. Ltd. and Secure Pro Inc., the two professional service companies with expertise in PIN security and security investigation/PCI DSS assessment, are collaborating to bring data security to a next level.

In today’s constantly changing security landscape, Rock and Secure Pro Japan are working together to help the payment industry players achieve better IT security. Both companies agree to exchange knowledge and learnings, especially in the areas of PIN security and security investigation and PCI DSS assessment. The collaboration also aims to create support for each other to deliver in-depth expertise to their clients.

Secure Pro Japan homepage:

Rock社 と Secure Pro社の連携について。

Rock社 と Secure Pro社は、PINセキュリティとセキュリティ調査/PCI DSS監査に造詣の深いセキュリティ専門企業2社の専門性を活かし、データセキュリティのさらなる向上のために連携することといたしました。

今日、セキュリティ環境は絶え間なく変化しております。Rock社 と Secure Pro社は、クレジットカード業界により強固なITセキュリティをもたらすべく、連携してまいります。両社は、特にPINセキュリティとセキュリティ調査/PCI DSS監査に関する知見を交換し合うことに合意しております。



Collaboration with Jewel Paymentech - 16 Jan 2017

Rock and Jewel Paymentech, a financial risk technology company, inked a Memorandum of Understanding to collaborate in developing and deploying PCI-related products to clients in order to expedite on-boarding and manage risks of merchants and agents.

The framework will enable the development of next generation products that will address current industry pain points on merchant KYC.

Jewel Paymentech develops intelligent solutions to manage risks associated with payments acquiring for banks, payment processors and marketplaces. The solutions encompasses merchant application due diligence, predictive chargebacks, detection of illegal and counterfeit products, anti-money laundering and transaction fraud prevention.

Rock provides IT consulting, audit and education services. It is an approved PCI company which conducts data security assessment for banks, processors and merchants. In addition, Rock is also approved by Visa to perform ACS (Access Control Server), Approved Vendor Program (AVP) and PIN assessments.

The MoU was signed by Lee Wooi Siang, COO of Jewel Paymentech and Gwendyln Chong, CEO of Rock Pte Ltd.